Get Involved

Serving on a CBIC committee is one of the best ways to quickly make the most of your membership and expand your professional network as you simultaneously showcase your professional talents while advancing our region's tech and entrepreneurial community. Here are a few CBIC committees and volunteers teams on which you might consider volunteering:


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Co-Chairman

This vital group maintains CBIC's membership records, recommends our organization's fee structure, recruits new members, greets members at CBIC events, establishes retention plans for members, hosts new-member orientation events and develops other methods to educate members of opportunities to be involved and get the most from their membership. This group meets when needed and operates year round.

MARCOM (Marketing Communications) COMMITTEE

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Chairman

The Marcom Committee is an award-winning committee with award-winning members. Its core mission is to develop and manage CBIC’s brand to support the vision and mission of the organization. This is accomplished by strategically and proactively managing all communications about the organization and by providing CBIC and its members visibility in the media, primarily through media relations, distribution of press releases and other strategic communiqués. Core activities of the Committee are messaging, materials development, outreach efforts such as advocacy and media relations, e-news communiqués, event promotion, social media campaigns, website updates and maintenance and general communications functions. This team supports many of CBIC's core committees including its Programs & Events, Awards Gala, Advocacy and Tech Tour. This group meets monthly and operates year round.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Chairman

This team plans and produces monthly, quarterly and annual CBIC educational and networking events including CBIC's Tech Night Takeover (TNT) events, CBIC Tech On Tap, annual meetings, annual holiday parties, and more. The team is in charge of everything event related including selecting educational topics, panelists and/or keynote speakers, securing venues, caterers, and sponsors, creating partnerships and collaborating on events with like-minded organizations, managing event budgets and ensuring a positive net gain. This group primarily works together remotely and operates year round.

ASSIST the Charlottesville Entrepreneurs and Espresso Team, a sub-group of P&E

Contact: Hope Rana, Chairwoman


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Co-chair 

CBIC’s annual awards gala, held each spring, honors individuals and organizations that have made noteworthy contributions to the marketplace and community in the past year through entrepreneurship and the creation, commercialization, or application of technology. The CBIC Awards recognize the vitality of the technology and entrepreneurial community in Central Virginia. CBIC is proud to host these awards that highlight outstanding innovations and leadership, including work in the private and public sectors and in our K-12 schools. This event is also a fundraiser for the organization, which enables CBIC to continue to develop and offer innovative services and benefits to its members and the business and high-tech community of our region. This team assembles and works from approximately January – June, with the actual gala typically held in late May.


Contact: John Martin, Co-Chairman

This group is responsible for the overall development of CBIC's annual award categories and selection criteria, promotion of the awards nominations, and research and selection of award finalists and honorees. Researchers provide an invaluable service by interviewing each award finalist in several award categories, submitting their research documentation to a team of judges, and presenting their findings to the panel of select judges. The award judges assess the research and select the award recipients. Judging is by invitation only.


Contact: Lily Garcia Walton, Chairwoman

The CBIC Tech Tour is a day-long event to introduce area high school students to our region’s technology companies. The tour is designed to expose students to the diverse career possibilities offered by our regional technology community and to help them envision themselves as technology innovators. Chaperoned groups of 12-15 students accompanied by a CBIC volunteer tour guide spend the day traveling to selected showcase technology companies for a hands-on visit to meet employees and experience the use of technology in unique and specialized operations. The Tech Tour Committee is comprised of a dedicated group of individual’s committed to making this event happen each year. The committee handles all aspects of the event including fundraising, logistics, school relations and communications. The group typically meets bi-monthly for 3-5 months leading up to the October event. In addition, a large number of volunteer tour guides are needed on the day of the event.


Contact: Mac Weems, Chairwoman

This is one of CBIC's newest committees and is currently forming. The primary function of the committee over the next 12-18 months is to develop a comprehensive fund development plan that includes a mix of strategies including an annual campaign and CBIC’s two marquise events: the CBIC Awards Gala and the CBIC Tech Tour. We anticipate that this team will: Develop a long-range fund development plan with a mix of strategies including revenue goals and action plans; Develop the case for philanthropic support; Devise and recommend fund development policies and practices to the Executive Director and Board of Directors for action; Monitor and track progress on the fund development plan; Participate in problem- solving to address lags in achievement of objectives and targets; Monitor and provide personal follow-up and coaching with Board members and volunteers to support their participation and achievement of their specific assignments and targets; Assure that all donors are respected and recognized in a timely manner.


Contact: Craig Honick, Chairman

This team carries out advocacy work on behalf of CBIC for the technology and innovation-based ecosystem of the Charlottesville region, which includes: serving as a resource about legislative/governmental activity pertinent to the ecosystem and advocating and intervening on behalf of and for the furtherance of the ecosystem to the region's elected/appointed officials. Key policy areas include: workforce development, economic development, tax incentives for technology and innovation-based businesses, land-use Issues that affect the tech ecosystem and innovation-based business climate, education, funding/grants, and infrastructure. This committee meets when needed and operates year round.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CBIC Chairman

Currently this team primarily operates on an ad-hock basis and is comprised of CBIC directors and select individuals with domain expertise. The team helps CBIC anticipate, navigate, and resolve tech issues related to its tech software, platforms, membership and other financials systems, and related. Longer term, this committee will have the responsibility to develop the Council's technology planning and strategy; monitor and evaluate existing and future trends in technology that may affect the organization; provide recommendations and reports to the board of directors concerning the org's technology operations (e.g. software and platform performance, technical operations performance, technology architecture and technology investments) and implement related protocols or policies or recommend such policies to the Board for approval, as appropriate. This team will also perform any other activities consistent with this charter, the organization's bylaws and governing law as the Board of Directors shall specifically delegate to the Committee.


As per the Council's bylaws [VI, 1, (b)], at a reasonable time prior to notice being given of each annual meeting of Council members, the Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of not less than three directors or former directors. The Vice Chairman shall be appointed as a member of the Nominating Committee and shall serve as its chairman. The Nominating Committee shall propose one candidate for each director position to be elected at the upcoming annual meeting of the members.